Hot Weather Safety Tips for your Pet

Dog overheating in the summertime, sitting in front of a fan

People love spending the long, sunny summer days outdoors with their furry friends. But getting too excited in the hot summer weather can be disastrous. Most pets and hot weather do not go well together. For this reason, understanding how to keep your pet cool in hot weather is imperative. Even backyard barbeques and summer picnics in Cave Creek can quickly turn dangerous for your furry companion.

To prevent your beloved pet from overheating, here are a few hot weather safety tips:

Give Them Plenty of Drinking Water

Dehydration in pets can happen in the blink of an eye with severe consequences. If your pet is in a hot environment, always have fresh, clean water handy. You may notice the following early signs if your pet is experiencing dehydration:

  • Dry mouth and gums

  • Loss of skin elasticity

  • Dry nose

  • Reduced energy levels

  • Excessive panting in dogs

Give your pet small amounts of water after every few minutes. Giving them a lot of water too quickly can cause vomiting, making dehydration worse.

Calling Your Veterinarian

Advanced signs of dehydration include:

  • Loss of coordination

  • Diarrhea and vomiting

  • Weakness

  • Dry, sunken eyes

  • Signs of shock such as a weakened pulse, shivering, or a rapid heartbeat rate

Severely dehydrated pets require immediate medical assistance. In most cases, they require rehydration through IV fluids. Contact your vet as soon as you notice these signs.

Do Not Leave Your Pet Alone in the Car

Summer temperatures inside the car can quickly rise to 120 degrees in a few minutes. This is true whether or not you cracked the windows. If you cannot take your pet inside with you at your destination, they are better off staying at home.

Never Shave Your Pet

While it is okay to trim longer hair on your pet, shaving them is not advisable. The layers of pets' coats protect them from sunburn and overheating. Instead, regularly brushing your cat can help prevent issues caused by hot weather.

Limit Their Play

During hot weather, you should limit play and exercise time. It ensures they do not go overboard and end up dehydrating. Early mornings and evenings are good times for your pets to exercise in hot weather. Keep them away from pavements or sand because the heat can wreak havoc on their paws. Swimming and playtime under the lawn’s sprinkler are good options during warmer weather.

Keep Human Foods Away From Pets

Many human foods and drinks pose serious risks to your pet. During the hot weather seasons, outdoor activities are common. Ensure your pet does not have access to human foods and drinks. Alcoholic beverages and snacks can be detrimental to your furry friend’s health. Some of them include onions, grapes, and chocolate. Raisins and products with xylitol sweetener are also dangerous.


Professionals in animal care do not recommend the use of fireworks around your pet. When you head out for your Fourth of July celebrations in Cave Creek, it is advisable to leave your pet at home.

Pets are not accustomed to loud noises, and they could experience trauma. Lit fireworks can also result in severe burns during summer celebrations. It is best to keep your furry friend away from all the celebrations.

For more safety tips for your pet in hot weather, call Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center at 480-595-8600 to reach our office in Cave Creek, Arizona.