What vaccines does my horse really need?

Author:Chaparral Animal HospitalDate:2018-05-30
Are you a new horse owner? Learn the importance of equine vaccines, and which ones your horse really needs to remain healthy.

How to Kitten-proof Your House

Author:Chaparral Animal HospitalDate:2018-04-27
Is your new kitten destroying your home? Learn these tips for kitten proofing your house to keep your pet and furniture safe!


Author:Chaparral Animal HospitalDate:2018-04-03
Ruptured bladders, or uroperitoneum, is a condition that occurs in foals, or young horse. Learn more about causes, symptoms, and prevention of uroperitoneum.

Hoof Care for Horses

Author:Chaparral Veterinary Medical CenterDate:2018-03-30
Hoof care for horses is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a horse's health. Learn more on how keeping horse's hooves healthy.

Bugs and Drugs! Parasite control for horses

Author:Chaparral Veterinary Medical CenterDate:2018-03-08
Once or twice a year, de-worming treatments are recommended for horses. Find out more about how to keep your horse happy and healthy here.

Rhodococcus equi

Author:Chaparral Animal HospitalDate:2018-03-06
Rhodococcus equi is a bacterial infection that can cause pneumonia in foals. Learn more about equine pneumonia along with causes, treatments, and symptoms of rhodoccocus equi.

What to Feed Older Dogs

Author:Chaparral Veterinary Medical CenterDate:2018-02-24
Older dogs have different dietary needs than puppies and adult dogs. Learn what to feed older dogs for better geriatric health.

How to form a closer bond with your pet

Author:Chaparral Veterinary Medical CenterDate:2018-01-19
Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center offer top tips on how to form a close and healthy bond with your pet. Learn more here.

Christmas in Carefree Parade


Why is my cat vomiting?

Author:Chaparral Veterinary Medical CenterDate:2017-12-15
Our Feline Vet in Cave Creek explains the most common reasons why cats vomit, and when you should seek veterinary help.

Causes of weight loss in pets

Author:Chaparral Veterinary Medical ClinicDate:2017-11-21
Weight loss in pets can be an indication of a bigger problem. Learn the most common causes of weight loss in pets and treatments at Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center

The Importance of Pet Vaccines

Author:Chaparral Veterinary Medical ClinicDate:2017-10-17
New to being a pet owner? Learn the importance of pet vaccines, and the dangers of not vaccinating your pet.

Hernias in Horses

Author:Chaparral Animal HospitalDate:2017-09-19
Hernias can be a life threatening condition for your horse. Learn how to spot a hernia in your horse, types of hernias in horses, and how to treat them.

Tips on Feeding Your Horse

Author:Chaparral Veterinary Medical CenterDate:2017-08-15
Are you a new horse owner? Learn more tips for feeding your horse from the equine vets at Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center in Cave Creek.

Equine Podiatry in Cave Creek

Author:Chaparral Veterinary Medical CenterDate:2017-07-12
Your horse's hoof health directly correlates to their overall health. Our equine veterinarians in Cave Creek explain the importance of equine podiatry. Learn more here.

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