Other Services

Other Services


Our podiatry center offers an opportunity for our veterinarians to work in collaboration with your farrier in order to provide foot imaging and prescribe corrective shoeing recommendations. If necessary, consultation and treatment by a farrier at CVMC can be provided. Reproduction ​​​​​​​


At CVMC, we offer primary care for several conditions of the eye. In addition, we consult and work closely with several board certified ophthalmologists to provide routine and emergency care for severe eye problems. Eye problems in horses can progress from mild to severe in a matter of hours. We always recommend prompt evaluation of eye problems in your horse. These types of issues should be considered an emergency. If one of our doctors deems the problem more complicated, we will recommend further evaluation by a board certified veterinary ophthlamologist.


Electrochemotherapy (Electroporation)

Electrochemotherapy is a novel and highly effective technique used to destroy skin cancers in the horse. The therapy increases the intracellular concentration of chemotherapeutic by 1000 fold resulting in a 20 fold increase in tumor die off. This technique is highly effective in the treatment of sarcoids with over 98.5% success at the end of a 4 year follow-up period (Tamzali 2011). It has also been found to be highly effective for the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, and many other cutaneous tumors.

Chemotherapy Injections

Chemotherapeutic injections are used commonly to treat tumors of the skin including sarcoids, squamous cell carcinomas, and melanomas. They can be used in combination with surgical excision and an oil emulsion in order to improve treatment efficacy. Electrochemotherapy should also be considered in more difficult to treat tumors.

Chemotherapy can also be employed as a systemic treatment for lymphoma and other types of bodily cancers. Horses tend to have few side effects when compared to humans undergoing chemotherapy and may go into remission following treatment, depending on the type and severity of cancer being treated.

Melanoma Vaccination

The melanoma vaccine is a conditionally licensed product that can be used in horses for​​​​​​​ the treatment of melanoma in grey and non-grey horses. It has shown promise in many cases of melanoma. If you have questions, contact us for more information.

Laser/Surgical Excision

Surgical excision of tumors is often recommended to prevent local enlargement and in some cases metastasis. Diode laser can occasionally be used in combination with other surgical methods to decrease the occurrence of recurrence. Other methods including adjunctive chemotherapeutic injection and electrochemotherapy should be considered in more involved cases.