Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine services are provided both in the hospital and in the field by our hospital staff and veterinarians. Internal medicine services include diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal, respiratory, and nervous system diseases, heart or circulatory disease, kidney or bladder disease, liver disease, skin disease, poor performance or loss of stamina, infectious disease, endocrine disorders, eye problems, and diseases of the neonatal or young foal. Also, subtle problems such as weight loss, an overall change in attitude, behavior, or performance may be evaluated by our internal medicine service. We offer 24-hour intensive care for horses with close monitoring and around-the-clock therapy and an isolation facility allows us to quarantine and treat patients with suspected infectious disease. Our veterinarians often work with other veterinarians to best diagnose and treat difficult diseases in sick horses and can help develop a comprehensive plan for your horse.

Services include:

  1. Intensive care unit monitoring

  1. Ultrasound

  1. Gastroscopy/Endoscopy

  1. Pulmonary testing

  1. Neonatal care

  1. Echocardiography/ECG

  1. Endocrine testing

  1. Nutritional consultation

  1. Ultrasound guided biopsy

  1. Isolation for infectious disease

Neonatal Care

During the spring, a large portion of the internal medicine caseload at CVMC is comprised of neonatal foals. Our specialists work as a team with the other veterinarians and staff at Chaparral to provide around-the-clock emergency care for sick neonatal foals. We offer advanced diagnostics, monitoring, and 24/7 critical care for neonatal foals. Our CVMC surgical team is also available at any time to assist with critical emergencies including dystocias, and post-foaling emergencies.